What Is Collaborative Divorce Mediation & Law?

resolve problems togetherNew laws in different provinces in Canada are offering families a simple and effective way of resolving crisis and conflict through mediation without having to go to court. Collaborative Divorce Mediation is basically a concept that allows couples to negotiate their separation through a mediator in a formal and mature manner without getting the court involved. Collaborative divorce mediation has a number of great benefits but how it goes will depend on the prevailing divorce circumstances and the willingness of the parties involved to compromise and understand each other. Generally, with everything said and done, mediation is far much better and less messy than court cases which can sometimes affect children and loved ones associated with the parties contesting the divorce.

What Are The Benefits Of Collaborative Mediation?

Collaborative mediation has a lot of advantages and it is a highly recommended option for dealing with family disputes, especially if there are some kids involved. Here are some of the major benefits of collaborative law:

· Confidential: If you are facing a lot of disputes in your family, perhaps your main priority is to resolve them as privately as possible. The collaborative legal process allows you to achieve this goal quite easily. Unlike court cases which are always part of the public record, collaborative divorce mediation is often an in-house thing where all disputes are settled privately among the parties involved.

· Less Costly: If you are going to file a divorce case in a court, you must be ready to incur the attorney fees. Sometimes divorce cases can be quite protracted and during that time, you will continue to pay the lawyer. At the end of it all, the financial impact the separation will have can affect your entire family. However, with collaborative law, you don’t need to hire a lawyer. Besides, the resolution can be arrived at faster reducing the overall expenses of the divorce case.

Understanding More About Legal Mediation:

Additional benefits to engaging in legal mediation are:

· Protect Your Children: In every divorce, the children are the ones who suffer the most. The impact a divorce can have on kids, however, can be reduced if the process is kept private and confidential. Your kids really don’t need to know the family disputes that are going on and there is no better way that can make sure of this other than collaborative mediation.

· Get A Resolution Faster: When you decide to go to court, your decision to settle in a divorce case will be influenced by so many things including your lawyer. This can delay the resolution and may cost you more in the process. With collaborative law though, it’s far much easier to reach a resolution within very little time.

Going through a publicized divorce is often something that tears people apart and in order to avoid this, you can always consider collaborative mediation in your divorce.  Resolution Law in North Vancouver, BC is highly experienced and can help you with your divorce or separation issue, family business or dispute and even inheritance matters and general legal advice.  Contact them at http://www.resolution-law.ca for a free consultation.