Marketing a Small Business

social media webIf you have a small businesses it seems that it can be hard to stand out and compete with the big chains. There are so many ways that you can market your small business online! After all, the internet is a big place and you can reach thousands of people at just the click of a button.

Make Your Site SEO Friendly

In order to make your site SEO friendly you will need to hone in on some keywords that relate to your business. Keywords are the phrases that people type into search engines when they are looking for something specific. For example, if you are a bakery in Calgary try using the keywords “Calgary bakery” or “cakes in Calgary”. Avoid keyword stuffing as this can trigger a spam flag. Use them organically and keep the keyword density naturally and under 1% of your total word count (less than once every 100 words).

Get Social!

Social media is a great tool in this day and age. A shared link can garner thousands of new visitors to your page. Shared links can spread quickly in this digital age so create content that people will want to share. Create a Twitter and Facebook for your business. You will be able to communicate faster with your customers through this medium.

Hold a Contest

Who doesn’t want to win free stuff? Hold a contest to garner interest in your product or brand and post it to your Facebook page. Or create coupons to draw interest to your page. For example, if you are a bookstore then you could post something like: “Like our page and get a 10% off coupon!” or “Share this link and earn points on your loyalty card”. These strategies will get you more exposure and more repeat customers.

Make it Look Great

Adding pictures to your site can brighten up a wall of text. They can show a customer the business, let them know who you are or could be some action shots too. Try adding short videos to your site that explain the products, show a day in the life of the business or just showcasing your products. Sites that have pictures and video are ranked higher than those that do not have any. Spending a little extra time on your website design can make a big difference once your visitors get to your site as well.

Google Directory is Your Friend

Get in the local Google directory to put your name out there. People who type in keywords with their postal code are more likely to find businesses in the Google directory.

Marketing a small business doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply put your name out there in order to get more return customers!

Looking for more help with marketing a business, contact a Calgary marketing company to get the support you need.