Graphic Design Education

I didn’t do graphic design in college but over the years I have acquired enough skills in order to design two different websites (one “fun and creative” the other “proffesional, informative&quot and several logos, branding images,brochure editing, etc. For the high rep university I work for. I have also done free work with several individuals in designing birth announcements, web banners, etc. I don’t want to try and switch jobs and then end up feeling like I am drowning in a graphic design job without the proper skills. I have friends who went for college for graphic design and would kill to get contracts for stuff that I have been able to get through my work, just becuase I was accesible and free. Does my experiance make up for the education? Or would I be suffering if I tried to get a job that had more graphic design focus to it. I was happy to learn… Sometimes experience can sub for education. I am currently in school for graphic design, and I know some graphic designers who have immaculate skills who have choosen to not go to school. Spend money on text that will take you step by step. In school, we use the Adobe Classroom In A Book series. Teach yourself the industry standards. Get involved with freelance sites such as 99designs. Com and enter some contest (and get paid if you win). You will learn a lot looking at how current designers work. I have been in the field 5 years prior going to graphic design school. Design is what you make it. .